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At the push of a button anything seems possible: taking the elevator to the right floor, switching on the light. But what if the push leads to something completely unexpected? We live in a world where more and more everyday activities are being directly connected to the “Internet of things” (IoT). The fear of losing control may be overwhelming, but the possibility of new conncections can be so rewarding.

Buttonspace is here to help show how IoT works on a basic level while aiming to become a platform where signals worldwide meet by chance and find further use elsewhere. Through buttons we illustrate how joyful and versatile this interconnectedness can be and how we can use it to our advantage to play, create and connect.

Below you can find examples to our approach and sneak peaks into our exhibition currently running as part of the “Flick the World” DIY Festival, August 31 & September 1, 2019 at Dock18 by Rote Fabrik in Zurich.

Live Exhibition @ Dock18, August 31 & September 1, 2019



What began as a simple get-together for soldering and playing around with Makey Makey led to a tiny one-afternoon-exhibition at the co-working space of Zitrone in 2015. Since then it has gradually grown into a regular meetup.

We are three passionate players, thinkers and creators based in Zurich, Switzerland who want to contribute to digital transformation by including fun, creativity and inclusion for people of all walks of life in the process.

Oliver Süess: Masterminds, plans projects, grooves and makes use of dry humor.

Martin Schröcker: Builds machines, ensures sustainability, codes and produces smiles.

Meng Tian: Captures ideas, tells stories, creates music, and loves it all.

You have an idea for a button and want to join or collaborate with us? Yes please, we love company! Simply drop us a line.

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Live Exhibition @ Dock18
Seestrasse 395, CH-8038 Zurich, Switzerland

Saturday, 2019.08.31: 2PM-12AM
Sunday, 2019.09.01: 11AM-6PM

Saturday, 2018.06.09: 2-6PM
Saturday, 2018.06.16: 11AM-6PM
Friday, 2018.06.22: 8-11PM
Friday, 2018.06.29: 8-11PM
Friday, 2018.07.06: 8-11PM
Friday, 2018.07.13 8-11PM